The Costello Community Care Centre (CCCC)  has been in operation since 2005 and we require your help to ensure the viability of the organization.  Formerly The Nativity Church, the CCCC houses three active and vibrant charities within our building, at a minimal cost to each. These charities are The Lord’s Kitchen, the Timmins Food Bank and St. Vincent de Paul.  We have seen an increase in the amount of people falling on hard times.  This is evident in the increase numbers of people receiving boxed/bagged meals (up to 700 meals served) at the Lord’s Kitchen, the increase of 1700 people utilizing the Timmins Food Bank and the amount of people entering St. Vincent de Paul Thrift shop each week.

Following are some facts to consider:

  • Annual costs (heat, hydro, insurance, security system, snow removal, etc.) average $65,000 while rent collected from the charities average $56,000. This does not include general maintenance of the building.
  • Increasing rents would only be counterproductive to the objectives of these charities within the CCCC.
  • The Centre is non-denominational; Father Costello did not discriminate. His example was to help anyone who came to the door. We are continuing this philosophy.
  • Costello Community Care Centre (CCCC) is run by a volunteer board of directors; annual administration costs average $400 for office supplies.
  • The board endeavors to meet every month with the three charities for progress updates on how we are all helping the community.
  • We are a registered charity and do provide tax deductible receipts for any amount of donations.

When you are considering your plan for supporting the community, we are looking to you to assist us in continuing the viability of the Costello Community Care Centre. Your contribution, in cash or in kind, will ensure that these charities can be assured of a central and stable home.  We understand that you receive many requests of this nature and are hopeful you will be able to donate what you can. Together, we can increase our chance of survival. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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