Costello Community Care Centre

The Costello Community Care Centre (CCCC) is home to three charities. The Lord’s Kitchen, St. Martins de Porres (Timmins Food Bank) and St. Vincent de Paul, all of which rely on donations from the community. Each of the three charities and the Costello Community Care Centre are responsible for their own fundraising campaigns.

Father Pat Lafleur (Priest at St. Anthony of Padua Parish) had a vision that was inspired by the late Father Les Costello’s work with St. Martin de Porres. The vision was a community centre dedicated to serving the poor in one central location that would be within walking distance of the majority of citizens. Fr. Pat then recruited a few individuals to help put colour into the picture. The building was renamed The Costello Community Care Centre. The picture was then ready to mount when St. Martin de Porres, St. Vincent de Paul and The Lords Kitchen all came together to fill the space of the empty building.

A Board of Directors was formed to administer this Charitable Corporation and to protect its interests for years to come.

The CCCC gratefully accepts donations to assist in the maintenance and operation of the building. Tax deductible receipts will be issued.

Donations can be sent to:
Costello Community Care Centre
85 Spruce Street North
P.O. Box 172
Timmins, ON
P4N 7C9

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